The Spirit of Rock n Roll

A host of stars from the living and the dead perform their greatest hits to celebrate “The Spirit of Rock n Roll.”

The Spirit of Rock n Roll
All Star Tribute Show
“The Mansion”

Led Zeppelin’s famed guitarist Jimmy Page is hosting an all star Jam at his mansion which overlooks  Loch Ness in Scotland.

He bought the mansion from the infamous Aleister Crowley (immortalized by the Ozzy Osborne song “Mr Crowley”) and it is reputed to be haunted.

Jimmy has decided to have an all star Jam to celebrate the “Spirit of Rock n Roll”; a show dedicated to the legendary pioneers of Rock n Roll that are no longer with us.

He has invited some select guests to enjoy an evening of music performed by the world’s greatest super group.

The band is set up on a live sound stage with the audience seated in a private auditorium in one of the large ballrooms in the mansion.

Before the show is about to start a surly butler announces that The Rolling Stones Bass Player (Bill Wyman) will not be attending.

Will Rod Stewart be up to the challenge of filling in on Bass?

Jimmy has a secret to share about strange apparitions appearing every time he plays the opening bars to “Stairway to Heaven.”

A staircase on the stage becomes the center of attention as spirits from the past arrive for a final curtain call as the opening bars of “Stairway to Heaven” are played on any of the musicians instruments.

All hell breaks loose when Ringo decides that his drum kit is not enough to conjure a spirit and is compelled to use an alternative mode of melodic enticement.

A host of stars from the living and the dead perform their greatest hits to celebrate “The Spirit of Rock n Roll.”

Tribute stars include:

  • Jimmy Page Tina Turner Rod Stewart
  • Ringo Starr ZZ Top Stevie Wonder
  • Ozzy Osborne and a host of Spirits from the past!

See the greatest super group of all time performing together for the first and only time for this live recording which will be available after the show.

Copies of the live recording will be available to all VIP guests at the end of the show at a discounted price which is actually the same price as the original price but we thought that if we said this fast enough you might not notice that there was no price difference and buy a CD thinking that you were getting a better deal than other people who weren’t VIP’s and bought a CD at the original price which is the same price as the price that you paid.

This is an interactive show with the audience who feel that they are VIP guests who have been invited to a party at Jimmy Page’s famous Mansion.

The Mansion; formerly owned by the infamous Aleister Crowley, is the backdrop for the show. It is anybody’s guess who will show up from both the living and the dead.

The only guarantee is a night of rockin’ fun as the assembled Superstars and Spirits play some of the greatest hits of all time and celebrate The Spirit of Rock n Roll.

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