Kelly V. Smith as Cher

Kelly V. Smith is an accomplished tribute artist, model, and actress who transitions with ease between her performances as Olivia Newton John, Cher the Goddess of Pop, and best-selling country music star Shania Twain.

Kelly V. Smith is exceptionally versatile with years of experience as a featured performer, tribute artist, television spokesperson, and model. She’s most known for her performances as Shania Twain, Olivia Newton John (Grease era and beyond) and Cher. Kelly’s stage-energy is contagious and her performances are unforgettable.

A passionate performer from a young age, she has toured extensively throughout the United States including Nashville, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and even in the Cayman Islands.  For seven years, she toured with “Legends in Concert” performing as Cher and Shania Twain and for nine years was the featured performer in Branson, Missouri’s longest running show. Kelly encapsulates the look and notorious contralto singing voice of Cher. She was honored to perform as the voice of Cher in the Emmy nominated ABC movie “And the Beat Goes On”. You might even recognize her voice from a British documentary she starred aired on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

As a television spokesperson, Kelly has represented more than a dozen companies including Bass Pro Shops, Sunbeam Grills, and Dream Kiss. Her striking blue eyes and dark brown hair have also made for a successful modeling career. She’s modeled runway and catalog for House of Rousseaux and a handful of other clients.

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